Blockchain / Smart Contract Security Auditor

  • You are able to find other people's errors at a glance
  • You are familiar with smart contracts
  • You are logic friendly, attentive and meticulous
  • You are interested in decentralized networks
  • You love teamwork and wholesome competition
  • Audit of smart contracts for logical errors, vulnerabilities, violation of invariants, code self-consistency.
  • Audit of crypto and decentralized protocols.
  • Audit of decentralized systems and models.
  • Audit using automated tools.
  • Writing PoC tests.
  • Development of recommendations to eliminate problems identified during the audit.
Key Requirements
  • Solidity development / audit experience.
  • JavaScript development experience.
  • EOS experience, WebAssembly.
  • Experience in C ++, Node, Rust, Go, Python.
  • Knowledge of * nix, experience in the console.
  • Experience with Mythril, Slither, Oyente, Manticore.
  • Experience with Docker.
  • Understanding of Consensus Algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures, graphs, finite state machines.

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