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Mixbytes becomes a partner with Robonomics

We are pleased to announce that Mixbytes begins a partnership with Robonomics. The development teams will work on the functionality for cross-chain interaction between parachains in the Rococo and Polkadot networks, and will also take part in the development of distributed protocols to control unmanned aerial vehicles. We are happy to have started to work with one of the top projects at the junction of the most interesting technologies — blockchain and IoT, and we are planning to create reliable and multifunctional solutions for these areas.

Robonomics and our participation in the development will help a huge number of IoT projects to organize reliable, unblockable distributed networks to manage IoT devices and to solve a lot of issues: from security to access to decentralized financial markets.
About the projects:
  • XCMP + datalog (temporary name) — a software that allows to save the fact of automated release of the product sample (for example, 3d printing with the robotic line) and its options (id numbers, numeric parameters, video of the printing process, etc.) in blockchain and IPFS and then release the NFT token ("digital passport" of the object) in a partner's parachain, which can be used for any informational operations: certification, sale, transfer of the ownership, firmware updates, administrative access, etc... The protocol can be applied for any robotics operations where you need to fix the results, publish it and to organize operations with its participation.

  • Distributed Sky — a set of software for the registration and coordination of UAV movements. It is a research project that helps unmanned aerial vehicles to identify each other, book routes, obtain information about emergency zones and control flight data without any points of failure. The specification was written by specialists in drone traffic management, simulation tools for future pilots specialists, as well as drone operators who already provide aerial, video and photography services in Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia and Australia. Check out the White Paper for more details.

  • Evercity — The project supports the new green energy projects creation, whose financial parameters depend on positive environmental impact, provides a full cycle of bond offering and has received a lot of positive feedback from international partners. Mixbytes are working right now to integrate a green bond issuance system on the DAO IPCI parachain.
Stay tuned for updates on our achievements through the Mixbytes and Robonomics partnership.