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An Overview of the MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token

Author: MixBytes team
Introducing the MixBytes' Soul Bound Token (SBT) - a smart way to verify the qualifications of an auditor and track their success on the MixBytes Camp audit contest platform. The MixBytes Camp SBT is a publicly verifiable identity that showcases an auditor's track record, number of findings, and skill level. The SBT is a unique and untransferable token that serves as an identification and track record for auditors, providing transparency for customers and simplifying the search for auditors with the right expertise.
With the growing demand for security audits of blockchain and smart contracts, finding auditors with the right skills and expertise has become a top priority. To address this challenge, MixBytes has launched an educational course called MixBytes Farm, which has already produced 64 graduates. To help these professionals demonstrate their qualifications, MixBytes has implemented the SBT approach for the Farm graduates and Camp contestants.

In this article, we will delve into the MixBytes SBT approach and its importance in the MixBytes ecosystem, as well as the wider smart contract security and audit space.
How the MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token Works
The MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token improves the performance of the audit contest platform and acts as a sort of Social Selling Index (SSI), displaying an auditor's track record.

It is deployed on the mainnet of the Polygon network, and the contract is verified, meaning that the token's code and functionality are available for inspection. The token is tied to a user's account on the Polygon network and can be displayed in corresponding wallets and services.

  • The token is partially similar to the ERC-1155 standard, with some of the interfaces conforming to it.
  • It has a "mint" function and can be awarded to users, but the user must confirm receipt of the tokens using the "accept" function.
  • The token is untransferrable, meaning it cannot be purchased on an exchange or transferred. It was initially minted for accomplished graduates of the MixBytes Farm who finished the course (which included theory, CTF, and test audit) and proved their exceptional qualifications and eagerness to pursue a career in blockchain security and smart contract auditing.
  • For each MixBytes Camp contest, tokens with unique IDs will be minted, indicating the user's participation in the respective event. Additionally, a unique token ID will be assigned for each Farm stream, allowing the identification of the specific stream completed by the token owner.

The amount of points awarded with the token depends directly on the auditor's results.

In addition to points, the token contract also stores information about the amount and level of findings.

Each token ID has the potential to expand in terms of information storage, making it a forward-looking solution for auditors to showcase their competence and skills.
Use Cases for the MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token
The MixBytes SBT token has several use cases in the smart contract auditing industry. Here are some examples:

  • Qualification Confirmation
The MixBytes Farm is an educational course that provides auditors with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform smart contract audits. By completing these courses, auditors can obtain the MixBytes SBT token, which serves as confirmation of their qualification, and an entry point to the MixBytes Camp community of independent auditors and researchers.

  • Publicly Verifiable Identity
The MixBytes SBT token functions as a publicly verifiable identity that displays an auditor's audit track record. The token can be provided as proof of advanced training, such as passing the MixBytes Farm program, to qualify for jobs. Additionally, this token confirms an auditor's skill level throughout the audit community.

  • MixBytes Camp Audit Contest Platform
The MixBytes Camp audit contest platform is where the SBT token shines. The token indicates the skill level of auditors, as well as their activity and success in the public audits of MixBytes Camp.

The token provides transparency for customers through a list of participants. It shows the auditor's audit track record and number of findings and its severity level. Customers can use the token to verify an auditor's credentials and ensure that they are dealing with a qualified professional. The rating will be updated after each contest, making it easier for companies to select auditors based on their SBT score.
The MixBytes Camp SBT is a new solution designed for the smart contract auditing space. It offers a forward-thinking approach to digital identity and provides a range of exclusive benefits to its holders.

The decentralization of Web3 is driving the evolution of the security market. As a result, the audit space, which currently relies on private audits conducted by companies that issue official reports, requires new verification solutions such as contests and bug bounties. It is only natural that these solutions should be transparent and utilize various Web3 mechanics, including SBT.

Each MixBytes Camp SBT's ID has the potential to expand in terms of information storage, allowing auditors to showcase their skills and achievements in a transparent and clear manner. This unique approach sets MixBytes Camp apart from other audit contest solutions, benefiting both customers and employers alike. With the MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token, auditors can demonstrate their abilities, gain recognition for their work, and increase their chances of securing future contracts.

We believe that the MixBytes Camp SoulBound Token has the potential to transform the smart contract auditing space by providing auditors with a reliable and transparent way to showcase their skills and achievements while also ensuring that customers and employers have access to the best possible auditing talent.
Who is MixBytes?
MixBytes is a team of expert blockchain auditors and security researchers specializing in providing comprehensive smart contract audits and technical advisory services for EVM-compatible and Substrate-based projects. In 2021, our team launched MixBytes Farm, a free educational program designed to enhance developers' skills in conducting smart contract audits.

In 2022, we introduced a new initiative - Mixbytes Camp, a community-based audit contest platform. This new service is considered an additional solution to the current system of private audits conducted by ingrained security audit companies, which are widely accepted as an industry standard and involve the issuance of an official public report.

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